Our Services


We offer the world the best services for all students

From the moment you contact us, we will be your only point of contact. We can advise and help with everything you need, from your choice of course, to applying and getting accepted to University or a language school. We will also go to extra lengths to providing advice and support on accommodations and other related matters


Advice and Registration at Language schools

We help with all the necessary application procedure in registrations with the language schools and universities.  We also providing assistance in opening bank account, registering with local GP, providing host families and any other assistance you may require in time.


Simple Application Process

All you need to do is apply now and submit your application to us. We will then ask you to provide the necessary documents from you


Faster Response to your application

The fact we are in direct contact with the institutions means your application will be processed much quicker


Continual support throughout your period of study

Our support does not stop once you have confirmation of a place to study. We recognise the importance of continuous support for international students in coming to a foreign land and we make sure that the students receive the best level of support.


All year round application

We take application throughout the year; however we will be able to advice on the best time of the year to apply for.


 Top Universities and Colleges

We recognise the importance of attending universities that cater for the needs of international students and we only select the universities that meet these criteria.