about us

The Best for Students is an education consultant connects international students to Universities, colleges and language schools in the United Kingdom and other English speaker countries. The main objective of the Best for Students is to connect and advice international student about universities and colleges. We have branches in Middle East. The main bulk of our students come to us from private companies and through government routes. We also welcome students that are privately funded.



The main office is based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom but there are branches around the globe which are part of our network. At the moment, we have offices in Benghazi and Tripoli, Libya, where the former is the only student agency that is representative of that particular city.The agency is also planning to open a number of branches; these include places like Dubai, Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries. The Best for Students also has strong connection with the Far East in places like China and Japan as well as South America.



We are one-stop-service for students and professionals who whish and plan to study abroad.  Our service can help you to find the right course, apply to your chosen university and prepare for a life-changing experience.